Cervical screening self-collection is now available from VCS Pathology

VCS Pathology is the first pathology service in Australia to commence testing of self-collected samples from eligible women under the renewed National Cervical Screening Program.  

Self-collection (collection of a vaginal swab for HPV testing) is available to women who are at least 30 years old and who are under screened (4 years or more since last Pap test) or have never been screened and who decline a practitioner collected specimen. VCS is the first laboratory in Australia approved by NATA to test self-collections as part of the program.

Screening samples from Victorian women are processed without charge and those from eligible women in other jurisdictions (Medicare enrolled and under or never screened according to the National Guidelines) will be bulk billed. VCS can receive specimen referrals from other laboratories around Australia or directly from practitioners.

Instructions for interstate and Victorian practitioners:

  1. Sampling instrument: a flocked - swab (Copan FLOQswab 552C – red top as in image below) can be used to collect the vaginal sample

    Please note dry swabs held in most clinics are flocked - please check the label.
    Flocked swabs can be ordered from VCS here.
  2. Taking the sample: How to take your own HPV test a guide for women
  3. Requesting the test: Practitioners should request a CST or cervical screening test.
    If you are not a VCS Pathology practitioner, register here to receive test results.
  4. Sending the sample: Click here to access instructions for sending samples to VCS.
  5. For more information: www.vcspathology.org.au/practitioners/renewal-documents or contact an experienced Liaison Physician on 1800 611 635.