HPV self collection clinical auditThe HPV self-collection Audit & Quality Improvement Program aims to support General Practices to pro-actively identify women who have either never had cervical screening or are lapsed screeners (more than 2 years overdue for cervical screening).

The audit will focus on identifying women between the ages of 30-74 who are more than 2 years overdue for cervical screening with a proposed outcome of engaging them in either routine cervical screening or, if they decline, to offer them the option of HPV self-collection.

As 80% of Australian women who develop cervical cancer are not fully engaged in cervical screening, it is hoped that access to this pathway will enable these women to participate in the National Cervical Screening Program.

If you would like to participate please contact Dr Wendy Pakes on (03) 9250-0344 (Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays).